'Fauna Ibérica' Series
Volume 8 - Collembola Poduromorpha

R. Jordana, J. Arbea, C. Simón y M. J. Luciañez

Madrid, 1997 807 pp. ISBN: 84-00-07644-3.


This monograph of Iberian Fauna is the first volume of a revision of the subclass Collembola in the Iberian-Balearic area. It includes and introductory part about Collembola followed by descriptions of the species of Poduromorpha. The following families are covered: Poduridae, Hypogastruridae, Odontellidae, Neanuridae and Onichiuridae. 270 species from 61 genera are described. Every description is original and has been made from the species collections of different European museums and specialists. The samples are from the whole Iberian Balearic territory, but the North of Iberian Peninsula is bettter represented. The species are illustrated in 274 plates. Identification keys for all the species, the literature consulted and a careful revision of the scientific nomenclature are included


  • • Introduction
  • • Systematic position and geographical distribution of Collembola
  • • Morphology and adult anatomy
  • • Characteristics of not adult phases
  • • Natural history of Collembola
  • • Collection, conservation and study methods
  • • The Iberian Collembola
    • Key of orders
    • Order Poduromorpha
    • Key of families
    • Family Poduridae
    • Family Hypograstruridae
    • Family Odontellidae
    • Family Neanuridae
    • Subfamily Brachystomellinae
    • Subfamily Frieseinae
    • Subfamily Pseudachorutinae
    • Subfamily Neanurinae
    • Family Onychiuridae
    • Subfamily Onychiurinae
    • Subfamily Tullbergiinae
    • Tribe Austraphorurini
    • Tribe Stenaphorurini
    • Tribe Tullbergiini
  • • Bibliography
  • • Appendix 1. Nomenclature: Synonims and combinations list
  • • Alphabetic index of taxonomical names of Iberian-Balearic Collembola Poduromorpha


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