'Fauna Ibérica' Series
Volume 33 - Crustacea, Copépodos marinos II. Non Calanoida

Francisco Vives Galmes & Alexandra A. Shmeleva

Madrid 2010. 486 pp.
ISBN: 978-84-00-09254-2.


This Fauna Iberica monograph is devoted to the marine copepods (not calanoids) and it is the second part of the study of marine Copepoda found throughout the Iberian and Balearic area.

This work deals with the orders not included in the previously published Fauna Ibérica vol. 29 (Crustacea, Copépodos Marinos I. Calanoida, Vives y Shmeleva, 2007): Cyclopoida (27 species), Harpacticoida (21 species), Misophrioida (11 species), Monstrilloida (21 species), Mormonilloida (2 species), Platycopioida (1 species), Poecilostomatoida (115 species) and Siphonostomatoida (6 species).

This volume is illustrated by 209 figures and begins with the general characteristics of the orders considered (those of the great group of copepods were already pointed out in the aforesaid volume).

It continues with the systematic relationships of the Iberian species (more than 200) and keys for identifying orders, families, genera and species including the description of the morphological characters of each of the species mentioned, as well as data on the geographical distribution and biology of the species and the updated bibliography used in this monograph.

Lastly, the nomenclatural appendix provided a meticulous review of the scientific nomenclature and the glossary supposes a help for the not specialized readers.

  • Introducción
  • Copépodos marinos ibéricos (no Calanoides)
  • Clave de órdenes
  • Clave general de familias
    • Orden Platycopioida
    • Familia Platycopiidae
    • Orden Cyclopoida
    • Familia Cyclopinidae
    • Familia Oithonidae
    • Orden Harpacticoida
    • Familia Aegisthidae
    • Familia Clytemnestridae
    • Familia Ectinosomatidae
    • Familia Euterpinidae
    • Familia Miraciidae
    • Familia Rometidae
    • Familia Rotundiclipeidae
    • Familia Superornatiremidae
    • Familia Tisbidae
    • Orden Misophrioida
    • Familia Misophriidae
    • Familia Palpophriidae
    • Familia Speleophriidae
    • Orden Monstrilloida
    • Familia Monstrillidae
    • Orden Mormonilloida
    • Familia Mormonillidae
    • Orden Poecilostomatoida
    • Familia Corycaeidae
    • Familia Lubbockiidae
    • Familia Oncaeidae
    • Familia Sapphirinidae
    • Familia sin determinar
    • Orden Siphonostomatoida
    • Familia Megapontiidae
    • Familia Pontoeciellidae
    • Familia Rataniidae
    • BibliografĂ­a
  • Apéndice 1. Nomenclatura: Lista de sinónimos y combinaciones
  • Apéndice 2. Glosario
  • Índice alfabético de nombres taxonómicos de Copepoda non Calanoida marinos íbero-baleares

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