'Fauna Ibérica' Series
Volume 22 - Plecoptera

J.M. Tierno de Figueroa, A. Sánchez Ortega, P. Membiela Iglesia y J. M. Luzón Ortega

Madrid 2003. 440pp. ISBN: 84-00-08198-6


This monograph of the “Fauna Ibérica” series offers an extensive review of the insect order Plecoptera, of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. The book begins with a general introduction to the systematic position and geographical distribution of the stoneflies, their adult morphology, non-adult phase (nymph and egg) characteristics, the natural history of the group, and the collection techniques, conservation and study methods. Seven families, 26 genera and 140 species composing the Iberian-Balearic stonefly-fauna are described in this monograph, which also includes dichotomic keys. Adult morphological characters and, when possible, nymph and egg morphology, geographical distribution, habitat, conservation status and biology (life-cycle, feeding, reproduction, etc.) are detailed for each species. In addition, the volume contains original illustrations of all species. Also included in this book are a comprehensive revision of the taxonomic nomenclature, an appendix of species of the Iberian Peninsula that are cited but not yet considered valid, and an extensive bibliography.



  • • Introducción
  • • Posición sistemática y distribución geográfica de los Plecópeteros
  • • Morfología y anatomía del adulto
  • • Características de las fases no adultas
  • • Historia natural de los Plecópeteros
  • • Recolección, conservación y técnicas de estudio
  • • Los Plecópeteros ibéricos
    • Clave de familias
    • Familia Perlodidae
    • Subfamilia Perlodinae
    • Subfamilia Isoperlinae
    • Familia Perlidae
    • Subfamilia Chloroperlinae
    • Familia Taeniopterygidae
    • Subfamilia Taeniopteryginae
    • Familia Nemouridae
    • Subfamilia Amphinemurinae
    • Superfamilia Nemourinae
    • Familia Capniidae
    • Familia Leuctridae
    • Superfamilia Leuctrinae
  • • Bibliografía
  • • Apéndice 1. Nomenclatura: Lista de sinónimos y combinaciones
  • • Apéndice 2. Citas adicionales
  • • Indice alfabético de nombres taxonómicos de Plecoptera íbero-baleares
  • • Addenda


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