'Fauna Ibérica' Series
Volume 20 - Mallophaga, Amblycera

M. P. Martín Mateo

Madrid 2002. 309pp. ISBN: 84-00-08102-1.


This monograph of the Fauna Ibérica Series is devoted to the suborder Amblycera, and is the first part of a study on Mallophaga (insect ectoparasites of birds and mammals) found in the Ibero-Balearic area. The 79 lice species examined (from 28 genera and 8 different families) are bird parasites, and were collected on 89 birds species from 16 out of the 17 orders that exist in the area. The book is illustrated with 44 plates and contains several introductory chapters on general Mallophagan study. The second part of the monograph includes morphological characters and classification of Amblycera, as well as descriptions and dichotomical identification keys for families, genera and species. Also included in this volume are data on the geographical distribution and biology of each Amblycera species and on its parasitized hosts, as well as an updated bibliography, two appendices containing complete taxonomic nomenclature and a list of host birds on both the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.



  • • Introducción
  • • Posición sistemática y distribución geográfica de los Mallophaga
  • • Morfología y anatomía del adulto
  • • Características de las fases no adultas
  • • Historia natural de los Mallophaga
  • • Recolección, conservación y técnicas de estudio
  • • Los Amblycera ibéricos
    • Clave de subfamilias
    • Superfamilia Menoponoidea
    • Familia Trinotonidae
    • Familia Pseudomenoponidae
    • Familia Somaphantidae
    • Familia Ancistronidae
    • Familia Colpocephalidae
    • Familia Menoponidae
    • Superfamilia Ricinoidea
    • Familia Ricinidae
    • Familia Laemohothriidae
  • • Bibliografía
  • • Apéndice 1. Nomenclatura: Lista de sinónimos y combinaciones
  • • Apéndice 2. Lista de aves hospedadoras en la Península Ibérica y Baleares • Indice alfabético de nombres taxonómicos de Amblycera íbero-baleares


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